Monitoring Committee

Monitoring Committee contact: comiteacompanhamento@bcfund.com.br

Structure • 6 shareholder members:

– 3 voted by shareholders in the Meeting

– 3 invited by the Manager, by criterion of representativeness or noteworthy knowledge

Term • Term of approximately 1 year
• Reelections would be held annually at the AESMs
• In case of resignation, the member shall be replaced by another shareholder appointed by the Manager
Periodicity • Ordinary Mounthly and Extraordinary Meetings whenever necessary.
Restrictions to become a candidate • Sentenced due to bankruptcy crimes, crimes against the common economy, etc.
• Disqualified by CVM due to past practices in publicly-held companies
• Related parties to the Manager and/or Administrator
Purpose • Increasing the degree of governance
• Bringing the point of view/perception of the shareholders closer to the manager
• Getting updated on the fund and market activities
• This is not a deliberative committee
Conditions for candidates • Signature of the confidentiality agreement
• Possible restrictions on the trading of shares, according to the applicable law
Procedure in the Shareholders’ Meeting • Presentation and discussion on the structure of the committee, based on the suggestions received
• Candidates will have the opportunity to present themselves to the other shareholders
• Voting for the 3 appointed by the shareholders
• Indication by the Manager of the other 3 members, within 10 business days after the Shareholders’ Meeting


Last Update on July 23, 2018