BC Office Fund believes that its strategy will help maintain the excellence of its real estate portfolio, guide its investments and maximize the return on its shareholders’ investments. Main BC Office Fund strategies consist of:

Expanding the portfolio by seeking profitable investment opportunities.

Brazil’s real estate market has enjoyed rapid growth in commercial property demand, especially in metropolitan areas. The Fund intends to profit from this situation and continue expanding its portfolio, while actively managing its current portfolio to increase rental income and property value.

Efficient real estate portfolio recycling.

BC Office Fund intends to use the knowledge and experience of its fund manager and investment advisor to maintain a focus on efficiently recycling part of its portfolio. Thus, BC Office Fund’s objective is to increase shareholder returns by using opportunities to sell underperforming properties and reinvesting the proceeds to acquire new properties with a better return.

Seeking real increases in the rental income of its portfolio properties.

The Fund follows a policy of actively seeking real increases in the rental income of its portfolio properties, using renegotiation opportunities to achieve rent adjustments that surpass inflation.

Reducing inefficiencies through its investment advisor.

Through the actions of its investment advisor, the Fund intends to maintain low vacancy rates at its portfolio properties and increase overall gross leasable area of its portfolio properties.

Maintaining a focus on financial efficiency and responsible growth strategies.

The Fund seeks to maintain an efficient capital structure that provides increased profitability for its shareholders. In keeping with its acquisition track record, the Fund intends to use structures for purchasing real estate in installments or securitizing rent receivables to provide positive leverage, generating higher equity on capital and increasing the availability of cash.